Сonservation and Display of Icons in the Studion Icon Collection


The U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation

The Challenge:

Preservation and rescue of the unique collection of works of tempera painting easel XVII-XIX century. - Cultural monuments of Ukraine, which are part of world heritage of sacred art

Major Activities:

1. The restoration of 38 icons and 2 wooden carving masterpieces.

2. Publication of full-color promotional album about the history and present Galician iconography.

3. Equipment church building museum security and fire alarm system.


The detailed analysis, published the album were restored and the museum 48 icons and two masterpieces of sacred wood carving. Collection saved monuments of culture - ancient Ukrainian icon painting and wood carving works is in the Church - Museum of Sacred Art. Blessed Clement Sheptytsky - st. Krivonosa, 1, m. Lviv.