Foundation of International Ukrainian – Polish Association of Mountain Guides in Carpathian Mountains


Neighbourhood Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Interreg III A / Tacis CBC with the financial assistance of the European Union

The Challenge:

- developent of tourism on cross-boarder territories, intensification of Ukrainian – Polish relations, cooperation, exchange and adoption of experience in tourism sphere, namely in organisation of tourist camping trips in highlands, information exchange, integration into European Community by unification of standards and level of service.

- to establish the international Ukrainian – Polish Association of Mountain Guides for exchange with experience and information, to promote unification of the routs signing on both sides of the boarder, the realisation of marketing researches with aim to initiate the legal platforms for tourist industry.

- creation of new working places in the field of tourism on cross-boarder territories.

Major Activities:

1)​ Realisation of the informational compaign on the project activity;

2)​ Realisation of at least four international conferences;

3)​ Providing of participation and cooperation of the interested organisations and people of targer region in the project actions;

4)​ Providing of the participation of officials and public organisations representatives in the international seminars and conferences;

5)​ Studing of work experience of Association and Centre in the field of cross-boarder economic development (directly in Lviv oblast (Ukraine) and Podkarpackie Voivodeship (Poland));

6)​ Establishment of Mountain Guides Training – Informational Centre;

7)​ Realisation of three series of 10 days duuration courses for mountain guides and instructors;

8)​ Placing of the signs along the national tourist rout;

9)​ Publication of the guidebooks describing the cross-border tourist routes.

10)​ Development and printing (DVD record) of informational directory on cross-boarder tourist routs.

11)​ Take part in international tourism exhibitions and fairs.


Implementation of planned activities allowed in a relatively short period of time to assert a positive image of the cross border region Ukraine, Poland, politically stable, leading to improved relations between Ukrainian and Polish nations, but also contributed to interregional cooperation and exchange of innovative ideas and mutual transfer of experience. The implementation of the project led to the predicted increase in the flow of tourists in the Carpathians and successful integration of Ukraine into the international community.