Inclusive tourist route

Inclusive tourist route

Inclusive tourist route

In 2021, an inclusive tourist route was created in Lviv (by the Association Lviv Tourist Board), which starts precisely from the cultural location - the Museum of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi.

A warrior in a wheelchair is raised by a hydraulic platform to the museum yard

As a result of our efforts, a universally accessible infrastructure was created in and around the museum mentioned above. Namely, the following were created: two parking spaces for cars of persons with disabilities, sidewalks were lowered, and a hydraulic platform-elevator was installed for wheelchair users (thanks to which you can climb independently (up two m.) from the street sidewalk to the yard in front of the museum). All floors in the museum's interior are designed so that there are no thresholds/barriers as much as possible, and toilets for persons with disabilities have been created.

Next to the museum (literally 100 m away) is the Memorial to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred. According to the appeal of the director of the Association, the Lviv City Council recently built an inclusive path from the Memorial to the accessible parking lot in front of the museum. Everything is done so that persons with disabilities and groups with limited mobility can move independently and equally in the public space.

All works in the museum are carried out with a specific symbolism because, for the last 14 years of his life, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky moved around in a wheelchair. In addition, he suffered from attacks of other diseases, which sometimes made him practically physically incapable, when he could not even hold a pen to put his signature (few people know about these facts). Despite his weakness and severe physical pain, he continued to rule the metropolis and lead an active social and political life for the benefit of the Ukrainian people.

The museum mentioned above is systematically creating a cultural and educational center, the only one in Lviv, where people with disabilities (along with other visitors) can enrich themselves spiritually and realize their creative and cultural ideas. Inclusive meetings/discussions/round tables are held here. A psychological crisis counseling center operates daily at the museum (since the beginning of the war). Thanks to such efforts, over the past six months, the museum has already been visited by more than 50 people with disabilities (in total, over two years of operation, the museum has received more than 10,000 visitors). In October 2021, Tetyana Lomakina, an adviser to the President of Ukraine on barrier-free issues, visited the museum and noted that the Museum of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi, together with the Lviv Tourism Development Association, on their initiative, exemplified the concept of barrier-free museum space for people with disabilities.

Thanks to the directorate's and dedicated volunteers' efforts, the museum has become very popular with people with disabilities because they are always welcome and welcome here. Entrance to the museum is free for everyone. On December 3, 2021, on the World Day of Persons with Disabilities, a presentation of the created hydraulic platform/elevator (intended for wheelchair users) was held in the museum, persons with disabilities were also invited, and a round table/discussion was held. The memorandum "On Joint Protection of the Rights of People with Disabilities" was signed. Disability for equal participation in tourism and cultural and historical heritage. It was people with disabilities who asked to finally complete the works related to the accessibility of the museum and to pay special attention to accessibility for people with visual impairments (after all, practically nothing has been done to welcome these guests to the museum).